Masters of the Tarot

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Join five renown​ed​ professional tarot readers as they share proven methods of receiving messages and finding meaning in the tarot cards: Joanna Powell Colbert, Benebell Wen, Terry Iacuzzo, Rachel Pollack and Mary K. Greer. Guided by experts, you learn to trust your intuition and discover how to find modern meanings in the esoteric traditions of tarot.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Unfortunately Michelle Tea is unable to be with us due to personal reasons.

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July 19 – July 21 2019 | Rhineback, New York

Through question-and-answer sessions, demonstration readings, and work with partners and small groups, you learn to give effective readings that can transform lives—yours as well as your clients. You also enjoy a panel where you can quiz these deck creators, authors, and psychics and get their advice about your own tarot work.

Return home with new and improved reading skills, enhanced listening skills, and new spreads, layouts, and other methods to make the cards an exciting part of your life.

All levels of readers, from beginner to professional, are welcome. A basic familiarity with tarot is recommended.